Red Calcite Rough Stone
Red Calcite Rough Stone
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Red Calcite Rough Stone

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GREAT FOR: Energizing, grounding, motivation, willpower, development, mental focus

Red calcite helps restore energy in people’s spirits as well as their will to experience more positive moments in their life. This gemstone revitalizes people and motivates them to be more focused on furthering their personal development. Red calcite increases energy and removes blockages preventing people from moving further. It helps clear fogginess or anything else that would cause confusion, restlessness, or an inability to focus, so that people can have the mental clarity they need to improve themselves. Red calcite protects both people’s energetic and emotional boundaries so as to prevent people from overexerting themselves. Instead, red calcite inspires newfound confidence despite any disappointments or failures people may have experienced, thus motivating people to keep moving forward. 

Other uses:

  • Opens and activates the Root chakra
  • Used as a magnifying and cleansing tool for all energies
  • Great fertility stone: Helps women prepare for pregnancy and childbirth

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