Ruby Fuchsite Tumbled Stone
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Ruby Fuchsite Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Healing, energy balance, immune system, unconditional love

When your heart needs healing or you want spiritual rejuvenation, ruby fuchsite can give you the unconditional love you need. Used as a healing stone, ruby fuchsite targets the heart chakra and clears any blockages or negative energies inside you. This Heart Stone combines the properties of ruby and fuchsite, which allows the stone holder to confine their passion and have the strength to fight against passivity or codependency. Because ruby fuchsite serves as a great amplifier for the heart chakra, its functions can also open communication between the heart and third eye chakras, making this gemstone a great tool for those seeking spiritual transformation as well as a greater sense of self.

Other uses:

  • Gain courage and passion
  • Strengthen the heart and immune system 
  • Limit impulsiveness

You will receive 1 stone

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