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Sapphire Tumbled Stone
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Sapphire Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Intuition, mental clarity, communication, self-discipline, manifestation, emotional balance, peace and tranquility, wisdom

Sapphire has long been used by royals because of its association with enhancing intelligence, bringing wisdom, and heightening intuition. Sapphire is regarded as a strong mental aid, usually helping people increase their mental acuity, self-discipline, and concentration. This gemstone helps bring peace and calm to the mind to help people process their feelings, which can give them better insight on how to bring order back into their lives. Sapphire brings strength and healing to people so they can accomplish their goals, build structure, and ultimately find serenity. By releasing mental tension and unwanted thoughts from the mind, people can use sapphire as a way to alleviate their depression and focus on improving their self-esteem and spiritual connection. 

Other uses:

  • Activates Throat and Third Eye chakras
  • Given as a 5th and 45th anniversary gemstone gift
  • Brings good fortune, prosperity, and protection

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