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Snow Quartz Milk crystal White quartz
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Snow Quartz Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Mental clarity, patience, new perspective, Crown chakra, alertness

Snow quartz, also known as “Milky Quartz,” is white quartz that contains microscopic water bubbles inside, which is what produces the milky, cloudy effect. Snow quartz contains a soft, feminine energy and known for restoring balance in people’s auras, chakras, and yin/yang energies. It also helps facilitate mental clarity, allowing people to be more alert and receptive to their surroundings. This increase in mental clarity is also shown in people’s improvement to retain information longer and learn new things faster. Snow quartz also helps shape our perspective to become more positive, as it encourages an innocent, clear view of the world, one that remains objective yet appreciative of the wonders the world has to offer. This new perspective can then help teach us to have better patience and discernment with the people in our lives. 

Other uses:

  • Activates Crown chakra to connect with higher self
  • Dispels negative thoughts and emotions
  • Heightens intuition

You will receive 1 stone

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