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St.John's Wort Herb
St.John's Wort Herb
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St.John's Wort Herb

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St.John's Wort Herb (Hierba San Juan Pericon Hypericum)

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Sun 

Element: Fire

Great For: Protection from dark magic, Romantic Dream, Banishing, Blessing, Courage, Divination

Carry St. John Wort to attract happiness and to attract love. Add incense blend to banish negative spirits. Saint John's Wort is known to repel bad energies and offers magical protection. The scent of this plant is thought to ward off evil spirits, and is often used in exorcisms or sprinkled in the dark corners of your home. This herb is known to bring light in times of darkness and acts as a calming influence. Use it in love spells or place it under your pillow for romantic and prophetic dreams. 

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