Throat Chakra (Visuddha) Candle
Throat Chakra (Visuddha) Candle
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Throat Chakra (Visuddha) Candle

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The fifth chakra is the Throat chakra (Vishuddha), which focuses on personal expression and communication. It is ruled by the element of sound and sends vibrations throughout the whole body, which is why it is important to actively participate in healthy expression. When balanced, it allows us to be secure in expressing how we feel, communicating with loved ones, and presenting the world with our ideas and beliefs. The Throat chakra is located at the center of the neck, where the throat is.
People who feel an imbalance in the Throat chakra may have difficulties expressing themselves and their feelings. Blocked Throat chakras may lead to insecurity, introversion/seclusion, and pent up emotions of frustration, sadness, or anxiety. Overactive Throat chakras act the opposite and may have people become over-talkative or prone to gossiping and/or lying. In worse situations, people with overstimulated Throat chakras may even become verbally abusive toward others and may instigate arguments more often.

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