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White Sage Bath
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White Sage Bath

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White Sage Bath 16oz

Baño De Salvia 

USE THIS TO: reset your energy, remove any unwanted energies

White sage is most known for its spiritual cleansing abilities and is often used in rituals to rid people/spaces of negative energies, evil spirits, and toxins.  is said to have the ability to latch onto negative energies/spirits and neutralize them or banish them from a person/space. Using sage to cleanse people ultimately comes from many Native American rituals, which were also used to help cure people of illness, as sage was said to release toxins from the body. If you have been feeling unbalanced, unsafe, or disturbed within your spirit, try this bath to help reset and balance your energy. 

CONTAINS: Flowers and fresh plants, essential oils, and distilled water. Natural product.


Use after regular bathing. Fill bath tub or bucket with warm water. Pour contents into water. If taking a bath, soak in water for at least 9 minutes. Otherwise, use ladel or cup to pour bath over entire body. Do NOT rinse after bath. Let body air dry as much as possible, though you may use a towel to pat dry your face.

Also known in:

Spanish: salvia blanca

French: sauge blanche

Portuguese: sábio branco

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