7 potencias africanas bano espiritual
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7 African Powers Bath

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7 African Powers Bath 16 oz

7 Poderes Africanos 

7 African Powers is a powerful, spiritual and potent bath with unique essences. It helps to build confidence, attract peace, attain strength, and receive protection, gain prosperity and good health as well as a spiritual development that helps achieve ultimate happiness and tranquility.

Also available with the same quality, we have oil, perfume, and more...

CONTAINS: Flowers and fresh plants, essential oils, and distilled water. Natural product.



Use after regular bathing. Fill bath tub or bucket with warm water. Pour contents into water. If taking a bath, soak in water for at least 9 minutes. Otherwise, use ladel or cup to pour bath over entire body. Do NOT rinse after bath. Let body air dry as much as possible, though you may use a towel to pat dry your face.

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