Abalone Shell
Abalone Shell
Abalone Shell
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Abalone Shell

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USED FOR: Smudging rituals

Abalone shells have been used in smudging rituals in various Native American cultures. These shells are regarded as pure and sacred, holding divine energy from the ocean, and thus enhance the cleansing properties of sage when used for purification purposes. In Apache culture, abalone shells are used during Sunrise Ceremonies, which is the passage into womanhood for young girls. This ceremony celebrates the legend of the White Painted Woman, who is said to have survived the great flood while being in an abalone shell and came to land, where she was impregnated by Sun and Rain to create other elements of our world. The abalone shell signifies this connection to the ocean, being protected by the Divine, and having solace in the cycle of life. 


For smudging ritual, light sage bundle with flame and let it burn for a few seconds before putting out flame. Allow some ashes to fall in the abalone shell before resting it down. Use feather or hand to waft smoke toward you and spread smoke all over body. May be used to smudge homes and other spaces as well. Handwash when done. 

Note: Not meant as a dish for burning resin as charcoal make break or damage shell.


  • Real abalone shell, about 4-5” wide

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