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Abalone Shell
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Abalone Shell

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GREAT FOR: Protection, peace, emotional balance, strength, calming

Abalone shells represent peace, emotional balance, and resilience against hardship. These shells endure treacherous waters and yet still shine beautifully with their iridescent glow, and it’s that kind of energy that people need! Said to be great emotional comfort to people who have experienced trauma or severe hardship, abalone shells bring calming and purifying energies to those who hold them. Larger shells are commonly used for sage smudging rituals, but these smaller shells may be used to wear as jewelry, carry as a protective amulet, or set underneath your pillow to help you rest easy at night. Abalone shells also help you become more objective, allowing you to understand all parties involved in a situation, and show more compassion. It enhances communication, cooperation, commitment, and compromise for this purpose. 

Other uses:

  • Enhances psychic abilities and intuition
  • Connects you to higher chakras

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