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African Turquoise Tumbled Stone
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African Turquoise Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Self-development, enlightenment, accepting change, structure, emotional balance

Despite its name, African Turquoise isn’t turquoise, but is actually a type of jasper that is mined in African. However, it still holds beneficial spiritual properties, as it is known as the “Stone of Evolution.” African turquoise helps people open their minds to the possibility of change and new experiences, which makes it a great stone to carry while having an interview, going on a date, or traveling to new places. This gemstone pushes you to use your knowledge to further your self-development and also helps you become more receptive to people’s wisdom around you. In a sense, it allows you to acknowledge your place within a societal community and how shifting experiences help teach the young and old. It also helps you build structure and become more aware of your purpose in life so that you can pursue it confidently. 

Other uses:

  • Stimulates Throat and Third Eye chakras
  • Helps you develop an optimistic attitude
  • Eases mood swings and emotional imbalance

Other Options:

  1. Sphere Bracelet
  2. Heart Pendant
  3. Chip Bracelet
  4. skull pendant

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