Alum Rock
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Alum Rock

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USED FOR: Protection, good luck, stop gossip, cast off Evil Eye, antiperspirant/skincare

Alum Rock

Alum rock is used in several rituals for spiritual purposes, such as to stop people from gossiping about you or to protect yourself from the Evil Eye. Alum rock holds protective qualities that help ward off negative energies from you, your name, and your home, and it can also help bring good luck toward you, especially with money. People who want to prevent people from testifying against them in court may also use alum rock to prevent them from speaking negatively about you in front of a judge. 

How to Use Alum Rock

Add alum rock to your mojo bag along with three cloves and sugar to ward off gossiping about you or set alum rock onto altar to ward off jealousy from others. If you want someone specific to stop talking about you, especially if testifying in court against you, write their name in petition paper, then wrap the paper around a chunk of alum rock and set it in the freezer. To ward off Evil Eye, hold chunks of alum rock in each hand (and in a closed fist), then point arms downward before crossing and waving from Evil Eye to stay away. As antiperspirant: Wet skin, then rub some ground alum rock powder onto underarms. May also be used to clean cuts.

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