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Ametrine Tumbled Stone
Ametrine Tumbled Stone
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Ametrine Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Stress relief, emotional balance, creativity, mental clarity, focus, energy balance

Ametrine is a gemstone that is a fusion between amethyst and citrine, thus containing energetic properties from both. This dual-gem allow people to become more emotionally balanced by calming the mind and clearing stress while also stimulating creative thoughts so that the owner can find solutions to difficult problems. Ametrine is known for strengthening concentration and providing mental clarity so that people can approach situations with clear perceptions and avoid any prejudices or biases they may have to stand in the way of reaching harmony and acceptance. It helps you stay focused and releases any negativity you may be latching onto or experiencing, including depression. 

Other uses:

  1. Releases negativity from aura
  2. Unites masculine and feminine energies
  3. Helps you overcome addiction and encourages weight loss

You will receive 1 stone

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