Aquamarine Tumbled Stone
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Aquamarine Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Calming, communication, negotiation, mental clarity, discipline

Aquamarine is a crystal that embodies everything related to the sea. Once considered a treasure of mermaids, sailors used it as a protective and lucky talisman during their marine travels and associated the stone with the Heavens above as reflected on the waters. Aquamarine is a great activator for the Throat chakra, particularly to help people express themselves when giving public speeches/presentations or when having to stand up for themselves during confrontations. Aquamarine relaxes people so that they can have the mental clarity to speak clearly in an articulate fashion while also responding quickly. It is a calming stone that helps people let go of anger or overwhelming emotions so that they can process a situation fully and come to a fair negotiation. It brings natural justice without having to put any party down and bestows perseverance, discipline, and heartfelt communication.

Other uses:

  • Protects people traveling by sea or traveling long distances by plane/car
  • Allows people with different lifestyles to live together peacefully
  • Good for meditation and is used by healers, shamans, and prophets

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