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Aragonite Raw Stone
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Aragonite Raw Stone

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GREAT FOR: Grounding, Earth energy, concentration, strength, acceptance, emotional balance

Aragonite is a powerful grounding stone that channels in the energies of Mother Gaia and helps us reconnect with the earth. This crystal naturally forms in mollusk shells and is believed to be a huge stabilizer for our emotions, thought patterns, and sensitivity to environment. Aragonite helps people relieve stress during difficult times and reminds people to release issues from the past or current attachments that are detrimental to their mental health. It encourages anger management and accepting things as they come with patience and mental flexibility. This is a useful crystal for people frequently overwhelmed by their responsibilities, as it can provide the strength and support you need to become grounded again. Aragonite also encourages environmental conservation and recycling. 

Other uses:

  • Raises vibrational energies and encourages healing
  • Provides insight to help understand how a problem/situation occurred
  • Helps to relieve insomnia when placed under your pillow during sleep

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