Blue Agate Tumbled Stone
Blue Agate Tumbled Stone
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Blue Agate Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Calming, tranquility, intelligence, insight, concentration, emotional understanding

Blue agate is a healing stone that helps soothes people’s minds and encourage negative energy release. Those who are in a constant search for truth, justice, and loyalty may use blue agate as a tool to be pointed in the right path. This stone helps people recognize the feelings of others and better understand them, which can also lead to a mutual effort to release anger, depression, and stress. Blue agate encourages a smooth flow of good fortune and is known for bringing people peace, poise, and strength in the face of stressful situations. This crystal also helps people develop their intellect and insight, as it encourages people to look for solutions rather than dwell on their issues. For those who need it, it can provide a sense of safety and security. 

Other uses:

  1. Heals the Throat chakra
  2. Helps increase concentration and is useful as a study aid
  3. Helps you connect to higher realms to receive messages on which decision is right to make

You will receive 1 stone

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