Blue chalcedony Tumbled Stone
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Blue chalcedony Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Communication, nurturing, mental flexibility, self-perception, calming

Blue chalcedony, sometimes nicknamed the “Speaker’s Stone,” is a calming crystal that helps activate the Throat chakra. It is great for public speaking, performing in front of audiences, and maintaining good verbal dexterity when presenting yourself. Mentally, blue chalcedony gives people the flexibility they need to gain a better perception of themselves, their actions, and their emotions. For some, it can stimulate their ability to learn a new language. This is a nurturing stone that eases self-doubt, hostility, and melancholy so that users can choose to live joyfully instead. Blue chalcedony helps to balance mental, physical, and emotional bodies by absorbing negative energy and emotions, then it brings feelings of benevolence and goodwill to promote spiritual happiness.  

Other uses:

  • Stimulates the Throat chakra
  • Encourages meditation and introspection
  • Helps improve memory

Also available in butterfly carving

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