Blue Kyanite Tumbled Stone
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Blue Kyanite Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Calming, meditation, attunement, communication, energy balance, perseverance, emotional balance

Blue kyanite is an excellent meditation and attunement tool, mostly because of its calming and tranquil energies. When you hold a blue kyanite in your hands, you can immediately feel a sense of relaxation and allow yourself to release negative emotions, such as frustration, stress, or confusion. Blue kyanite does not retrain negative energy (so it never needs cleansing), but instead stimulates energy all around it. This can be a great stone that help break damaging psychological patterns you may have, as it encourages people to break self-destructive cycles, release their fears, and speak their truth to others. It is an ultimate communication stone that challenges you to express yourself and gain empowerment. Blue kyanite can also help repair damaged relationships or help people resolve arguments. 

Other uses:

  • Aligns all chakras and removes blockages (also balances yin and yang energies)
  • Opens the Throat chakra and encourages communication with spiritual guides
  • Encourages environmental healing, including removing energetic pollutants

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