Blue Onyx Tumbled Stone
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Blue Onyx Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Concentration, communication, mental health, protection from evil, stress relief, changing bad habits

Blue onyx is an enhancing stone, known for improving people’s ability to communicate openly in their relationships, concentrate on task, and release tension or other negative emotions. People who are prone to stress can use this stone to eliminate stress, anxiety, sadness and anger, then approach their situation with more positivity and confidence. Blue onyx helps people stabilize their emotions so that they achieve self-control and not be distracted by negativity, thus maintaining their motivation. It can also help people change bad habits or get rid of unhealthy attachments preventing them from reaching their goals and full potential.

Other uses:

  • Promotes physical strength and stamina
  • Effective talisman against evil
  • Helps you approach tasks with confidence and positivity

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