Cascara Sagrada Bark
Cascara Sagrada Bark
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Cascara Sagrada Bark

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Cascara Sagrada Bark

Planet: Sun, Mercury

Element: Fire

Gender: Masculine

Great For: Legal Matters, Money, Spells, Courage, Potency and Happiness 

Cascara Sagrada is mostly used in spells and rituals for legal matters, money, and protection. Sprinkle an infusion of Cascara Sagrada around your home to help attract wealth, ward off evil spirits and hexes. Cascara can be used to move through spiritual blockages. Used in legal matters and courtcase work. It is said that you should create an infusion from the bark and surround your property with it before going to court. Burning on a charcoal the day before a court date is said to increase your chances of winning

Size: .5 oz 

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