Chango Candle
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Chango Candle

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GREAT FOR: Money, ambition, sexuality, protection, confidence

Chango Macho (also known as Shango, Sango, and Xango) is one of the deities in the Orisha religion and is known as one of the Seven African Powers. Nicknamed the “King of Santeria,” Chango is a fiery spirit known for gambling, his temper, and his sexual prowess. He is a fierce protector of his children, who are also known to be wild, daring, and excitable. The Chango Macho candle channels in the essence of this deity, allowing people to embody his larger than life confidence and approach their challenges without fear. People who enjoy gambling also use the Chango Macho to get his blessing for good fortune. Use this mystical candle when you want protection over you and to live your life more boldly.

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