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Citrine Rough Ornament
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Citrine Rough Ornament

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GREAT FOR: Manifestation, wealth and prosperity, confidence, optimism and joy, motivation, mental stimulation, positive energy

Citrine is a very joyful stone that promotes wealth, prosperity, and motivation. Its name derives from the French word for lemon, “citron,” and just like nourishing the body with Vitamin C, citrine is a revitalizing crystal the spirit’s energy. It brings optimism and encourages people to be more creative and stimulate their minds. People who want to promote their manifestation process may use citrine as an aid to attract money, success, or just bring positive energy in general. It is an uplifting stone that helps increase people’s confidence, self-esteem, and personal power in hopes of raising their enthusiasm to achieve their goals. How a person’s mentality is when looking at their upcoming challenges determines whether they succeed, which is why citrine also aims to sharpen the mind and enhance concentration in problem-solving. 

Other uses:

  • Good for chakra cleansing and enhancing intuition
  • Neutralizes negative energy instead of absorbing it
  • Encourages healing during meditation

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