Clearance Candle
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Clearance Candle

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GREAT FOR: Mental clarity, aura cleansing, spiritual uplifting, positive energy

The Clearance candle is meant to help give people better mental clarity so that they can approach their challenges and obstacles with a clear state of mind. When life throws people hardships, it is very easy to fall susceptible to low vibrating emotions such as depression, anxiety, or anger, which can have us act against our own values and integrity. If you are feeling spiritually weakened and would like some help to get out of this energetic state, use the Clearance candle to uplift your spirits and invite more positive energy into your life. The Clearance candle helps us realize we are the ones who manifest our destiny as long as we stay true to a balanced mindset, and when we stray, it is imperative we find the will to return.

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