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Crackle Quartz Tumbled Stone
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Crackle Quartz Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Purifies and activates energy, mental clarity, positivity, personal growth

Crackle Quartz is clear quartz that has been infused with temperature differences, which is what causes the natural cracks. To achieve multiple colors, the dye is then artificially added afterward. Crackle quartz has similar properties to regular clear quartz, but its cracks offer a unique filtering effect to how energy interacts with it. It can purify negative energies and avoid them while also activating positive energies that flow through it. Owners can use crackle quartz to activate their own energies or chakras, then regain positive thoughts and emotions so that they can advance their personal growth without falling susceptible to mental setbacks. Usually, people associate the color of the crackle quartz to the chakra they want to stimulate: red for the Root chakra, orange for Sacral, yellow for Solar Plexus, green for Heart, blue for Throat, indigo for Third Eye, and purple for Crown. The multiple colors also make this crystal very popular with children. 

Other uses:

  • Makes thoughts clearer
  • Helps you regain positive emotions
  • Helps you get through a busy or stressful period
  • You will receive 1 stone

Other Options:

Crackle Quartz Ornament

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