Crystal Cleanser & Energizer Spray
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Crystal Cleanser & Energizer Spray

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It’s important to cleanse your crystals on a routine basis, especially if they are used to absorb negative energies and/or emotions. The Crystal Cleanser & Energizer Spray offers the easiest and most convenient method of cleansing your crystals, as it contains both selenite and other natural essences meant for cleansing crystals. While some crystal cleansing methods bring up issues for some people (e.g. allergic to sage smoke, no time to leave stones under moonlight), the Crystal Cleanser & Energizer Spray only requires a quick spray during the daytime and you’re good to go! This spray is also convenient for people who are gifting crystals or are on travel.


Spray one or two times onto each crystal. Must be done during the daytime, preferably outside. Allow crystals to dry for 10 to 15 minutes.


  • 4 fl oz
  • Contains: Selenite water; filtered dirt water, PS; distilled water, pure essential oil, natural herbs.

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