Don't Control Me Roll - On Oil
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Don't Control Me Roll - On Oil

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GREAT FOR: Uncrossing/unhexing, breaking free, codependency

Feel like something or someone has some sort of power over you or your actions? The Don’t Control Me oil is meant to help people release themselves from someone else’s malicious intent, be it from a hex that was placed on them or someone’s manipulation. Use the Don’t Control Me oil when you suspect a curse, hex, or jinx has been put on your spirit, especially if you have conflicting thoughts about a lover you feel drawn to, despite knowing how toxic they are to your wellbeing. Even if magic isn’t involved, the Don’t Control Me oil can help people break free from codependent habits and begin to build enough confidence to set boundaries in a relationship, establish better trust and communication, or have the strength to walk away from an abusive/toxic relationship.

WAYS TO USE: Apply the oil directly to skin. Pour oil into a spiritual and/or cleansing bath. Anoint the oil onto candles before ritual.

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