Dumortierite Tumbled Stone
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Dumortierite Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Relaxation, patience, support, self-discipline, mental clarity, harmony

Dumortierite is known as the “stone of support” because of its nature to help people stay true to their nature and stand up for themselves when necessary. This gemstone is great for boosting your confidence, especially if you have ideas you want to express to others. Dumortierite stimulates the Throat chakra and is an excellent aid for communication, organizing scattered thoughts, and maintaining focus in both speech and mind. It also promotes patience, both with people but also with your manifestation process, which lets you realize that goals may take time to achieve. As such, dumortierite enhances order, self-discipline, and organization so that you are always focused on your true goals. 

Other uses:

  • Increases stamina and endurance
  • Reduces stress and relieves headaches/tension
  • Reduces excitability and stubbornness in children while promoting patience in parents

Medium Size Dumortierite Tumbled Stone

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