Frankincense Resin
Frankincense Resin
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Frankincense Resin

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USED FOR: Protection, purification, spiritual awareness, spiritual cleansing, good luck, healing, setting intentions

Frankincense is a natural sap-like resin that has been used for centuries for its spiritual properties. It is known for encouraging healing in both the spirit and body, but it has also been used to open the Third Eye or bring fortune into one’s life. Its natural aroma reduces stress, and anxiety, which makes it a great aid for people who struggle to maintain emotional balance or who need help focusing during meditation. Frankincense is typically used during prayer settings as well, making it a natural resource for setting intentions, whether you are praying to achieve personal goals or are trying to better connect with your spiritual guides. This resin also encourages inviting good luck and blessings. 



Must be burned with self-igniting charcoal disk (also available for purchase in our online store). Using tongs, light charcoal with flame and let it burn for a few seconds on each side. Place disk in an inflammable dish, preferably with sand or rocks being used as a base. Sprinkle a pinch of resin onto the charcoal and waft aroma smoke into the air. Add more, if desired.

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