Guinea Pepper - Grains of Paradise
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Guinea Pepper - Grains of Paradise

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Guinea Peppers - Grains of Paradise

Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Gender: Masculine

USED FOR: Protection from enemies, good luck, employment, fidelity

Guinea peppers (also known as “Grains of Paradise”) are commonly used in hoodoo rituals to protect oneself from enemies and encourage good fortune, whether it’s through receiving good luck during gambling or gaining employment. As protection from enemies, guinea peppers can be mixed and grinded with brown or yellow mustard seeds and poppy seeds and thrown at the enemy’s door to cause Inflammation Confusion, which helps keep their negative energy away from you. Another use for guinea peppers is to keep some under the bed that you and a lover use to encourage them to stay at home and remain faithful toward you.

Carry in a mojo bag or pouch as a good luck charm. Put inside a pouch with an Archangel Michael card or figure and place at front/back doors to protect the home. Place a few seeds in your mouth as you ask for a job or go on an interview to boost your chances of receiving employment, then spit out on ground afterward. Ground with brown or yellow mustard seeds and poppy seeds, then throw at enemy’s door to cause confusion and keep their negativity away from you. 

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