Hematite Stone
Hematite Stone
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Hematite Stone

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GREAT FOR: When the Greeks first used Hematite, they admired the mineral for its high iron content, which grounded into a powder made a deep red pigment like blood (hence "hema," which is derived from the Latin word for blood, "haima"). Hrmatite is believed to have natural properties to support blood circulation as well as the ability to absorb toxins and negative energy from the body and aura. It's largely regarded as a healing stone that can balance all 7 chakras (especially the Root chakra), give a boost strength and vitality, and allow people to focus and concentrate on their priorities/goals.


Other uses:

- Absorbs toxic emotions such as anxiety, stress, and anger

- Helps overcome addictive or overindulgent behaviors

- Enhances stability during times of high stress or turmoil

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