Intelligence & Power Candle
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Intelligence & Power Candle

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GREAT FOR: Spiritual awakening, intelligence, spiritual guidance

Those on a spiritual journey may want to use the Intelligence and Power candle should they reach a moment when they want to advance their understanding. This spiritual candle can help open one’s mind to better receive the energetic forces surrounding us, allowing the mind to be more open to the unknown and have a greater understanding about the universe in which we live. Praying with the Intelligence and Power candle invites an opportunity for deeper reflection on one’s journey and is thus an excellent tool to use while practicing meditation or prayer. If you are in search of spiritual development, the Intelligence and Power can guide you down the right path. 

PAIR IT WITH: This candle can have its properties enhanced by the Intelligence and Power oil. Pour a small amount of oil at the top of the candle before igniting the wick. 

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