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Iolite  Rough Stone
Iolite  Rough Stone
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Iolite Rough Stone

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GREAT FOR: Vision, intuition, dreams, illumination, responsibility, new perspective

Iolite is a vision stone that carries the spirit of journey, intuition, illumination, and exploration within it. Its nickname “Vikings Compass” comes from the fact that Viking explorers like Leif Eriksson used iolite as a polarizing filter to determine the location of the sun and navigate through ocean waters. As such, iolite has been regarded as a stone that helps you find your way, whether it’s returning to more responsible habits and following through on projects or revealing our true desires and releasing ourselves from others’ expectations. It is a stone that motivates us to be more organized, less distracted, and overall resilient to adversity. It provides mental clarity, insight, and intuition so that we can gain new perspectives and vision about where our journey should go. 

Other uses:

  • Helps you understand addiction triggers and release toxic coping mechanisms
  • Helps restore a sense of order and balance to people who have been jinxed
  • Encourages eliminating debt and more responsible money management

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