Jet Tumbled Stone
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Jet Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Protection, dispelling negative energy, purification, aura cleansing, releasing negative emotions

Despite its name, Jet Stone is not a stone, but is actually a product of fossilized wood. Very similar to coal (and also smells like coal when burned), jet stone is formed from the remains of wood that was immersed in water for millions of years. Its life energy is said to still be contained within it, which is why its spiritual properties are quite unique! Like black tourmaline or black obsidian, jet stone protects people from negative energy, but jet stone is unique in that it absorbs this energy and purifies it while also warding off further evil energies. It draws out negative energy from auras, helps people release toxic emotions/behavioral patterns, and allows people to uncover past negative energies in the subconscious mind. It helps release emotional attachments so personal growth can take place and encourages people to remain alert about finding solutions in their life.

Other uses:

  • Good for processing grief or depression; can be helpful to HSPs/Empaths
  • Brings clarity to a confusing situation
  • Good luck talisman for people starting a new job or business

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