Juniper Sage Smudge
Juniper Sage Smudge
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Juniper Sage Smudge

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USED FOR: Protection from evil, healing, cleansing, sexuality

Juniper is an excellent healing agent and have been used as medicine by several indigenous cultures for centuries. Juniper berries is known for being a detoxifier and juniper essential oil is often used to clear skin. So, when it comes to juniper leaves, the healing properties don’t stop. Smudging a house with juniper invites protective and cleansing energies to the space. Juniper is also believed to bring better fortune because of its ties with Jupiter, the planet of better opportunities and good luck. People also smudge their rooms with juniper to enhance their sexuality, especially when performing love and sex spells. 


Light flame to sage bundle and let burn for a few seconds, then blow out the flame. Let smoke build before smudging each room. Waft smoke so that smoke enters entire space. It is recommended to leave a window or door open to allow negative energies to leave. Smudge one room at a time.


  • Size: 4"
  • You will receive one 4" Juniper Smudge 
  • Sold Individually 

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