Cleansing Kit
Cleansing Kit
Cleansing Kit
Cleansing Kit
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Cleansing Kit

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Cleansing Kit


Selenite - Crown & Third Eye Chakra

Great For: Clarity, Protection, Peace
Selenite is a crystallized form of Gypsum, which is used for good luck and protection Selenite is the most powerful cleansing stone that works as a vacuum toward negative energy. Selenite can cleanse the body, environments and is the only stone that can cleanse other stones. This stone can be used for any spiritual work and can cleanse and open higher chakras. Selenite is also an excellent way to cleanse your home.
Properties of a Selenite Tumbled Stone: Calming.

Black Tourmaline- Root Chakra
Emotional Stability
Inner Power

GREAT FOR: Protection from negativity, energy purification, aura cleansing

Black tourmaline is an excellent protection stone to have in your crystal collection. Used to protect one's energy from negativity, black tourmaline is a master at purifying dense energies, cloudy auras, and negative thought patterns. This stone can help you become more grounded by relieving stress and detoxing the connection between mind and body. Many people also use black tourmaline as a spiritual cleanser to rid either a person or space of negative energies.

Palo Santo

Great For: Cleansing, Healing, Purification

Palo santo is a sacred wood used for its energetically uplifting and healing properties, much like sage and cedar. Use the Palo Santo Essential Oil Spray to keep your energies grounded, keep negative influences away, and to boost your higher connection or creativity. People who like to use palo santo as a spiritual cleanser or grounding aide may also use the Palo Santo Essential Oil Spray at their convenience, such as right before meditating or when entering a new space. This spray is a great alternative for people who are highly sensitive to smoke from smudging and can be used on people, objects, homes, and businesses.

Lavender and White Sage
Energy Cleansing
Removes Negative Energy
Restores emotional balance

USED FOR: Cleansing and purification, inviting positive energy and love, tranquility and balance, protection

The Lavender White Sage bundle combines both lavender and white sage for their separate spiritual properties. White sage is a powerful spiritual cleanser and purifier, used for protecting homes and people from evil energies. Lavender invites calming, tranquil energies to soothe people’s minds, spirits, and bodies. Both invite positive energies and blessings to the home, but lavender helps to reduce stress and restore emotional balance. A powerful combo, smudging with a lavender sage bundle can ease your anxieties and provide protection to both your mind and spirit. 

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