White Sage Bundle  Large
White Sage Bundle  Large
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White Sage Bundle Large

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USED FOR: Cleansing, purification, dispelling negative energy

White sage is most known for its spiritual cleansing abilities and is often used in rituals to rid people/spaces of negative energies, evil spirits, and toxins. Sage smoke is said to have the ability to latch onto negative energies/spirits and neutralize them or banish them from a person/space. Using sage to cleanse people ultimately comes from many Native American rituals, which were also used to help cure people of illness, as sage was said to release toxins from the body. If you have been feeling unbalanced, unsafe, or disturbed within your spirit, home, or business, smudge your space or body with white sage to cleanse all bad energies. It is also recommended to smudge places before moving in.


Light flame to sage bundle and let burn for a few seconds, then blow out the flame. Let smoke build before smudging each room. Waft smoke so that smoke enters entire space. It is recommended to leave a window or door open to allow negative energies to leave. Smudge one room at a time.


  • Size: 9"
  • Sold Individually

Also known in:

Spanish: salvia blanca

French: sauge blanche

Portuguese: sábio branco

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