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Lava Stone Tumbled Stone
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Lava Stone Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Grounding, calming, transformation, strength, stability, fertility

Lava Stone, also known as Basalt or Black Lava, is igneous volcanic rock that solidified due to change in temperature and is often found traveling through ocean water. It is a potent grounding stone that helps connect people with the energies of Mother Earth and helps to restore their emotional stability. Just as how molten lava cools down into stone, Lava Stone helps dissipate anger or temper into calm and tranquility. It helps guide people toward uplifting energies so that they can bound back from hardship or change their behavior in a positive way. Also nicknamed the “stone of rebirth,” it helps people shed attachments preventing them from embracing positive change in their lives and instead gives them the strength and courage to achieve self-acceptance and clarity. 

Other uses:

  • Stabilizes and grounds the Root chakra
  • Enhances fertility in women
  • Encourages personal growth
  • You will receive 1 stone

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