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Leopard Skin Jasper Tumbled Stone
Leopard Skin Jasper Tumbled Stone
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Leopard Skin Jasper Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Protection, spiritual communication, strength, stability, vitality, harmony, nurturing

Leopard skin jasper, also called Jaguar Stone, is a protective stone often used to help people communicate with the animal kingdom in both the physical and spiritual realms. Shamans have used this gemstone to help discover and tap into their personal animal totems (spirit animals), including how to best work and communicate with them. Leopard skin, in general, helps people discover their strength and regain vitality so that they are always protected wherever they go. This is a gemstone that prevents you from going into dangerous experiences or those you cannot handle. During times of stress, it helps nurture your spirit by bringing tranquility and a sense of wholeness, so that you can feel stable despite any chaotic energies that come your way. 

Other uses:

  1. Used for protection during out-of-body experiences, shaman journeying or astral travel
  2. Encourages people to be more compassionate and loving toward others
  3. Invites the right people or circumstances you need for personal growth

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