Lepidolite Tumbled Stone
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Lepidolite Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Addiction, changing behavioral patterns, independence, business, emotional balance, transition, emotional healing

Lepidolite is nicknamed the “stone of transition” because it helps people receive deep emotional healing so that they can gradually make changes in their mental patterns. People who struggle with addiction or who succumb to negative behavioral thought responses may use lepidolite to encourage independence, objectivity, and self-love. It can comfort you and soothe periods of stress or depression, so that you lean more toward healthier responses rather than toxic/negative coping mechanisms. Lepidolite allows people to reorganize their psychological responses so that you can overcome mental/emotional dependencies and become more stable. People who own businesses may also use lepidolite to help maintain a positive outlook when financial markets become unstable or when economic slumps occur. 

Other uses:

  • Meditation aid that helps you release negativity
  • Activates the Throat, Heart, and Third Eye chakras and clear blockages
  • Helps you release addictive or self-sabotaging behaviors
  • talisman for people with anxiety, depression, or bipolar

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