Lucky Bingo Candle
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Lucky Bingo Candle

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GREAT FOR: Bingo, money, good luck, financial gain


It’s time to win some bingo! The Lucky Bingo candle is crafted to increase your chances of winning bingo games, having good luck, or just receiving more good energy in general. When you look at bingo as a metaphor for life, sometimes we get all the tools we need for success as random, but when you line them up in the right order, BINGO! You’ve got a winning opportunity. The Lucky Bingo candle invites this kind of energy into your life: manifesting success by using what you already have and inviting the final opportunity to victory. Whether you want to use the Lucky Bingo candle as just your good luck charm before Monday Bingo Night or you want to bring in other small financial gains, this mystical candle aims to make your life a little bit better with some good ol’ fashioned fun.


PAIR IT WITH: This candle can have its properties enhanced by the Lucky Bingo oil. Pour a small amount of oil at the top of the candle before igniting the wick.

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