Malachite Sphere  Bracelet
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Malachite Sphere Bracelet

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Used For: Chakra enhancement, fertility, releasing negative energy, relationships

Malachite is a gemstone typically found above copper in its oxidizing zones. First discovered by Egyptians and Israelite 4,000 years ago, malachite has been used as a "Midwife Stone" for its fertility properties: inducing labor, managing cramp pains, alleviating other menstrual disorders and menopause and balancing mood swings. This gemstone is also beneficial for people with low vibrating Heart and Throat chakras. Malachite helps relationships by opening the heart to unconditional love, encouraging one to communicate clearly, and breaking toxic mental and behavioral patterns.

Other uses:

- Protection and ability to overcome fear of flying

- Releases negative experiences and trauma

- Repels negative energy and electromagnetic pollution

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