Mandrake Root
Mandrake Root
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Mandrake Root

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USED FOR: Protection, love, wealth, against Evil Eye, fertility

Mandrake root receives its name for its uncanny ability to look like a human, which is why folklore often associates it with witch magic or hoodoo spells. Mandrake root is said to provide protection to those seeking to keep the Evil Eye, demons, and enemies away. However, because of its humanlike qualities, it is also used for drawing love and promoting fertility in women. This root also promotes wealth and good luck. However, it is advised to be careful with this herb, as it is poisonous in large amounts and is not meant for consumption.


Store piece of root in mojo bag along with other spiritual herbs and talismans, then carry with you as protection. Bury root or keep under a stone near your doorway to keep demons away. For love, tie and glue root around a twig doll along with a petition paper with your desired partner’s name on it, then use doll to draw love. For wealth, tie root around paper bill and carry with you. For fertility, shape root into baby and keep under the hopeful mother’s pillow. 


  • Whole root
  • Package size: 1 oz
  • Caution: Not meant for consumption.

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