Michael the Archangel Candle
Michael the Archangel Candle
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Michael the Archangel Candle

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GREAT FOR: Protection from evil, gaining strength, resilience


This candle channels in the spiritual properties of Archangel Michael, who helps protect you from evil and who gives you strength during crisis and turmoil. Known as one of the strongest angels in God’s army, Archangel Michael helps people who are trying to fight for good, for truth, and for value in their lives. He is always willing to help people find redemption and inner strength. Using this oil can help protect you from negative influences as well as help let you see the signs toward righteous decisions.



PAIR IT WITH: This candle can be used to reinforce the spiritual properties of the Archangel Michael Oil. Simply pour some oil at the top of the candle before burning the wick.

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