Millionaire Oil
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Millionaire Oil

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GREAT FOR: Money, financial gain, good luck, success

People who want to increase their chances of financial success may want to use Millionaire oil. This mystical oil helps increase success rates and growth, which can be good for people trying to build their business/career or for people trying to manage their finances to be more secure in the future. While the ideal may be to become a millionaire, the Millionaire oil helps channel what makes a person financially successful: making smarter decisions about money, inviting consistent income/abundance, and maintaining lifelong security.,p>

WAYS TO USE: Apply the oil directly to skin. Pour oil into a spiritual and/or cleansing bath. Anoint the oil onto candles before ritual. Mix with lotion, perfume, or other fragrance to wear daily.

PAIR IT WITH: This oil can be used to reinforce the spiritual properties of the Millionaire Candle. Simply pour some oil at the top of the candle before burning the wick. Properties: Bottle size: 1 oz

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