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Money Drawing Herbal Oil
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Money Drawing Herbal Oil

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Great For: Attract wealth, prosperity, and financial opportunities


Money Drawing oil is used to attract wealth and financial prosperity. It is often used in spells, rituals, and charms designed to increase income, draw money, and enhance overall financial well-being.

  1. Business Success:

    • The oil is beneficial for business owners and entrepreneurs. It helps to draw customers, increase sales, and ensure the success and growth of business ventures.
  2. Financial Opportunities:

    • Money Drawing oil can help to open doors to new financial opportunities, such as job offers, promotions, investments, and other avenues for increasing wealth.
  3. Luck in Financial Matters:

    • The oil is also used to bring good luck in financial matters, including gambling, investments, and other money-related activities.

How to Use:

  1. Set Your Intention: Before using money drawing oil, it's important to clearly set your intention. Visualize the financial goals you wish to achieve, whether it's attracting new business opportunities, increasing your income, or achieving financial stability.
  2. Cleanse the Space: Purify the space where the ritual will take place. This can be done by smudging with sage, ringing a bell, or using incense.

Methods of Use:

  1. Anointing Candles:

    • Choose a Candle: Green candles are often used for money rituals, symbolizing growth and abundance.
    • Dress the Candle: Rub a few drops of money drawing oil onto the candle, starting from the wick to the base if you want to attract money, or from the base to the wick if you want to release financial blockages.
    • Light the Candle: Focus on your intention and let the candle burn down completely.
  2. Anointing Yourself or Objects:

    • Personal Use: Dab a small amount of oil on your wrists, neck, or temples. This can help align your personal energy with the vibration of abundance.
    • Business Use: Apply a few drops to your wallet, checkbook, or business cards to attract financial success.
  3. Mojo Bags or Charm Bags:

    • Create a small bag filled with herbs associated with prosperity (e.g., basil, mint, or chamomile).
    • Add a few drops of money drawing oil to the herbs and carry the bag with you.
  4. Floor Wash:

    • Add a few drops of money drawing oil to a bucket of water.
    • Use this mixture to wash the floors of your home or business to invite prosperity into the space.
  5. Offerings:

    • Place a few drops on coins or cash and place them on your altar or in a special place as an offering to deities or spirits associated with wealth.

Meditation and Visualization:

  • Incorporate the oil into your meditation practice by anointing your hands or third eye before beginning.
  • Visualize money flowing to you easily and effortlessly, reinforcing your intention with positive affirmations.


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