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Move in with Me Candle

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Bougie emménager avec moi | Vela Mudate Conmigo Spiritual Prayer Candle 7-Day Candle

GREAT FOR: Love, relationships, commitment

Move in with Me is a spiritual candle that is used to draw a loved one into a home. This candle help clear any doubt or second thoughts the person might have and makes he/she secured of wanting to build a happy home.

For some couples, moving in together can be the next step in commitment before marriage. The Move In With Me oil can assist people who are trying to advance their relationship to the next level. This mystical oil can help remove doubts from your partner’s mind about moving in together and can let them feel more secure about entering this next stage of commitment with you. The Move In With Me oil acts a love drawing oil, but is catered to couples who need more emotional stability before they can advance their relationship and build a future together. 

Move in With me Oil

Stay at Home Powder

Standard Candle: Intention candle you can dress on your own. (Only includes the candle)

Dressed / Prepared Candle: Intention candles we dress for you, with our special herbs, oils, powders, crystal and more. (One Candle)

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