Patchouli Root
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Patchouli Root

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USED FOR: Love, fertility, pregnancy/childbirth, money, prosperity, healing, mental health

Patchouli root is a common ingredient used in spiritual work to help promote prosperity, love, and fertility. Patchouli root oil, mixed into a spiritual bath, or used as a talisman for good fortune. People carry the root with them to attract opportunities for more money in their lives or to protect them from negative mental influences, such as depression or anxiety. However, patchouli root is recommended for love/fertility rituals, where it is used in baths to draw love, promote sensuality and attraction, encourage pregnancy and healthy childbirth, or relieve fertility issues. Other purposes for a patchouli bath can also be to encourage healing, especially in mental health.


If using to attract money, place a piece of the root in your wallet or carry the root in your mojo bag. If used for love or fertility, you may steep the patchouli root into an oil, then mix with ½ gallon of water and bathe yourself from head to toe.  To make an oil: In a glass jar, set the patchouli root in a base oil of your choosing (may be steeped with other love/fertility herbs if desired), then let it steep for at least two weeks before using.  


  • Real patchouli root, about 6-9” in length

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