Pay Me My Money Oil
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Pay Me My Money Oil

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GREAT FOR: Money, receiving money, getting debts repaid, justice

If you realize someone may not be willing to pay back what you’re owed anytime soon, the Pay Me My Money oil can help you get the justice you deserve. This mystical oil helps the wearer receive distant money and brings in good fortune. The Pay Me My Money oil influences people to realize their wrongdoings and begin repaying their debts without any trouble. This can also be beneficial for people who are expecting payments from contractual agreements such as a paycheck from their job, a lawsuit settlement, or child support.

WAYS TO USE: Apply the oil directly to skin. Pour oil into a spiritual and/or cleansing bath. Anoint the oil onto candles before ritual. Mix with lotion, perfume, or other fragrance to wear daily.

Properties: Bottle size: 1 oz

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