Petition Paper
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Petition Paper

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USED FOR: Setting intentions, manifestation, crossing/uncrossing

Petition paper is used in spellwork to help people set their intentions and manifest their goals. Depending on the person’s wish, the petition paper can be used to amplify the spiritual abilities of candles, oils, and resins. The way someone writes names/prayers/desires on the paper also holds significance and even the color ink used (e.g. red for love, green for money, etc.). When writing names and intentions, it is preferred you write both an odd number of times (e.g. 3, 7, 9).

HOW TO USE: Write a petition on paper with ink an odd number of times. Dip corners in desired spiritual oil and also dab in the center. Set flame to the candle. It is recommended that you let the candle burn first to determine what the appropriate petition is, then burn the paper.  

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