Pink Calcite Tumbled Stone
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Pink Calcite Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Self-acceptance, self-love, trauma, compassion, nurturing, stress relief

Pink calcite, is regarded as an incredibly nurturing stone that allows people to accept themselves, their past, and their current state of being. This is a crystal that aims to teach people to love themselves more and be gentle with their hearts and feelings. It helps to relieve stress, reduce fear, and eliminate anxiety and tension. It is a calming Heart chakra stone that offers hope and new willingness to accept universal love. People who have experienced deep traumas or painful emotional experiences, such as grief, may use pink calcite to help let go of the past and nurture their hearts. Pink calcite also helps give people a boost of confidence so that they can move forward and live with compassion.

Other uses:

  • Great tool to use for energy healing, such as reiki
  • Amplifies energy flow between Crown and Heart chakras
  • Promotes feminine energies, regardless of gender

You will receive 1 stone

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